i have for you 70 store hairs, retextured with pooklet’s texture and anubis’ control. there are two downloads at the bottom of this post, so pay attention dudes.

the first, retextures is everything, hair mesh, retextures, etc. that’s what you want if you do not have the hair already in any form.

the second, texture replacements is for people who already have the hair and just want to download the texture replacement. people who have merged files, sims3pack users, whatever. THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE THE HAIR. YOU MUST ALREADY HAVE THEM IN SOME FORM. if you send me an ask complaining that the hair doesn’t show up, i will get in my rocket ship and blast off right into outer space, because really.

that said, enjoy :3

retextures: child/toddler, teen, YA+A, elder
texture replacements

many thanks to simminglystrange, ninoo, and simsteria for testing and checking that things worked when dropbox went crazy.

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